(EN) Mass Climate Resistance Action on Juli 7th at G20 summit in Hamburg/Germany

G20? Climate? Capitalism?
- Conflict! Resistance! Action!

Dear people of the international climate movement,
on 7th and 8th July 2017, a G20 summit will be held here in Hamburg and it is already clear: The protests and resistance will be VERY big and through the press present at the event their message will be distributed across the globe.

One part of the many-voiced choreography of protests will be the mass climate resistance action
 “Unplug G20 – stop climate change!” on 7th July. We, the NoG20 Climate Action group, would like to invite you to join us in the action!

In their sum, the countries of the G20 represent around 80-85% of global greenhouse gas emissions and around 85-90% of global GDP. And despite all the differences among the G20 governments, they are united in their core project: keeping the capitalist profit machine running – no matter the cost, even the future of humanity. As usual they sell this ideology with the intentionally misleading term “growth” and the claim that the insatiable profit-driven expansion on a finite planet benefits “the people”.

The reality, however, is different: ever-rising social inequality, a crisis of reproduction, failed states, violent conflicts, wars, a global shift to the right, the list goes on.
And the destructive dynamics of the ruling system show themselves very clearly in the issues of climate change and global destruction of biodiversity, fresh water resources, arable land, forests, marine ecosystems etc.

To adequately express the socioecological dimensions of the comprehensive crisis as part of a broad movement of protest and resistance, we are organising the mass climate resistance action “Unplug G20 – stop climate change!” in the hotspot Port of Hamburg. There, we will resolutely stand in the way of everyday destruction of livelihoods, which is particularly manifold at this location: Capitalist world trade, amongst others with coal, oil, uranium, agribusiness products, arms, cars, ores, metals, etc.; furthermore there are coal power, aluminium and agribusiness plants, airplane hangars, motorways etc.

At the first action conference in December we grouped together as the NoG20 Climate Action and have since then done preparatory work for July in subsequent meetings. We welcome fellow campaigners to get involved in this process. The next action conference on 8th-9th April here in Hamburg presents an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. And the day before, on 7th April, there will be a preparatory meeting of many internationals.

We would be delighted to welcome you here in Hamburg!

Please get in touch with us, the NoG20 Climate Action, on klima.ag(at)g20hamburg.org

The network that is organising the internationals meeting on 7th April can be reached on international(at)g20-2017.org.

In solidarity

the NoG20 Climate Action